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Frankfurt, Bankfurt, Mainhattan, the ‘smallest metropolis in the world’ – call it what you will, but Frankfurt am Main is a German city with a difference. It’s the financial capital of continental Europe, Germany’s transportation centre (boasting the country’s biggest and busiest airport), endowed with a skyline spiked with skyscrapers, and host to some of Europe’s biggest trade fares.

But for all its muscular, economic clout, Frankfurt has a sensitive side – it is a city full of museums, artistic innovation and great music. Cultural highlights include the ‘Museumsufer’ – a collection of 11 museums lined up on either side of the Main River. The Frankfurt Opera House, meanwhile, has been awarded ‘Opera House of the Year’ on three separate occasions.

It is also a city with great theatre (check out the English Theatre and International Theatre), dance (Tiger Palace Variety Theatre), the city’s impressive zoo and the Römer. Of course much of the joy of this city can be found by simply strolling around its streets and taking in the juxtaposition of older buildings set against the city’s gleaming skyscrapers.

Frankfurt has a fantastic restaurant scene, too. This isn’t so much to do with the moneyed bankers who fill the tables of the city’s top restaurants at night, and more to do with the local chefs who are taking the German dining scene by storm. The city glitters with Michelin stars – Sra Bua by Juan Amador, Villa Merton, Tiger-Gourmet restaurant, Carmelo Greco, Ernos Bistro, Français, Lafleur, and Weinsinn all have a Michelin star to their name.

However, you needn’t spend a fortune when visiting Frankfurt’s best restaurants since there are abundant appetising options at affordable prices. And since Frankfurt boasts an exceptionally diverse population – with inhabitants hailing from all across Europe – there’s something to suit every palate. (There’s even a smattering of ‘beachside’ establishments, such as Maincafé and Frankfurt institution King Kamehameha Beach.)

Flights to Frankfurt are bound to leave a lasting impression on you, and you’ll be just as taken with the soaring skyscrapers as you will with the city’s quaint medieval centre. Frankfurt offers an invaluable insight into Germany’s past – and its future – making it one of the most exciting destinations in Germany, if not Europe.

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